Dan Carter and Sophie Turner Unveil the Webb Ellis Trophy in Louis Vuitton Glory at Rugby World Cup France 2023

October 30, 2023

Dan Carter and Sophie Turner present the Webb Ellis Cup in its Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunk at the Rugby World Cup France 2023

The Rugby World Cup Final 2023 in France witnessed a spectacular unveiling. Celebrated British actress Sophie Turner and legendary Dan Carter, showcased the coveted Webb Ellis Trophy, nestled in its opulent Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunk.

Dan Carter proudly raises The Webb Ellis Cup, elegantly housed in the Louis Vuitton trunk, moments before the Rugby World Cup Final between New Zealand and South Africa kicks off at Stade de France, Paris, on October 28, 2023. (Photo by David Ramos - World Rugby/World Rugby via Getty Images)

A Craftsmanship Masterpiece

Fashioned with unparalleled precision, this trophy trunk is an emblem of Louis Vuitton's esteemed legacy. Skilled artisans from the brand's historic Asnières ateliers have conjured this piece not merely as a transportation vessel but as a protective haven for the revered Webb Ellis Cup during its prestigious international tour.

Celebrities in Spotlight

Turner and Carter were undeniably the embodiment of grace and sophistication, proudly wearing Louis Vuitton ensembles. Carter's dapper look comprised a single-breasted black wool suit, elegantly paired with a black polo shirt, loafers, and the dazzling new 18k rose gold Tambour watch.

Turner, equally resplendent, wore a straight top paired with a mini skirt. Black leather Donna high boots, the alluring LV Eclipse Pearls necklace, earrings, and an LV Symphony ring enriched her ensemble from Louis Vuitton High Jewlery. Both personalities shined with the new steel and 18k rose gold Tambour watch.

Poised on the verdant pitch, the Webb Ellis Cup gleams from its bespoke Louis Vuitton trunk, signaling the pinnacle of rugby excellence at the Rugby World Cup France 2023. The iconic monogram design, juxtaposed with the vibrant blue interior, captures the blend of tradition and contemporary flair in the world of sports luxury.

Legacy in a Trunk

"Victory travels in Louis Vuitton" was not just a phrase but a sentiment echoed across the event. For the second consecutive time, Louis Vuitton had the honor of crafting the official Trophy Trunk for the Rugby World Cup France 2023. Born from imagination and molded by expert hands in Asnières, this Monogram canvas trunk stands as a beacon of luxury and tradition. From the dual V insignia to the intricacies of the Roman numerals XV, every detail on this trunk exudes perfection.

Distinctive Details

The trunk’s interior boasts the brand's signature leather in a radiant Pantone blue shade, harmonizing with the painted V. A distinguished Rugby World Cup 2023 logo patch resides inside, adding to the trunk's magnificence.

A Tribute to Rugby’s Bicentenary

The trunk's rear is graced with a meticulous painting, crafted in the revered Louis Vuitton workshops in Asnières. This artistic marvel salutes the bicentenary of Rugby, marrying history, sport, and luxury in a harmonious ensemble.