DIOR Shines on the F1 Track: Lewis Hamilton in Dior by Kim Jones

October 30, 2023

Lewis Hamilton in Dior

The world of high fashion collided with the adrenaline-pumping action of Formula 1 at the Grand Prix of Mexico, as racing legend Lewis Hamilton took to the circuit draped in an ensemble curated by the iconic fashion house, DIOR.

Lewis Hamilton showcases a vibrant DIOR ensemble at the F1 Grand Prix of Mexico, exuding the epitome of high fashion on the race track. (Photo credit: Getty courtesy of Dior)

Signature Collection Spotlight

Presented by Kim Jones, the artistic director of Dior men's collections, Lewis Hamilton showcased a striking outfit from the DIOR Men's Spring 2024 collection. Exuding elegance and refined style, Hamilton donned an off-white wool and cashmere sleeveless V-neck that perfectly complemented his athletic build. This was stylishly paired with beige cotton pleated pants, adding a touch of sophisticated casualness to the overall look.

Footwear to Match

No ensemble is complete without the perfect footwear, and Hamilton's choice was nothing short of impeccable. He sported a pair of grey B57 sneakers, known for their blend of comfort and luxury.

The synergy between fast cars and high fashion was palpable in Mexico City. As Lewis Hamilton zoomed past spectators on the race track, it wasn't just the roar of the engine that captured attention but also the racer's sartorial elegance, courtesy of DIOR by Kim Jones.