Fendi lights-up the 2022 Holiday Season

December 13, 2022

FENDI celebrates the arrival of the 2022 Holiday Season. This year the House pays homage to its iconic Baguette bag, which turns twenty-five this year.

Continuing the Baguette 25th anniversary celebration – which started with a legendary fashion show in New York on September 9th – the Maison will create an impressive metal tree made of luminescent wasabi-green colored Baguette bags, which will be lit up in front of the Roma Palazzo FENDI (5.50- meter-tall) and Paris Avenue Montaigne (3-meters) boutique, and Shanghai Plaza 66 (6-meters) pop- up store.

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Inspired by the palette of the Baguette 25th Anniversary–Winter Capsule 2022 Collection, in Rome the colours of the tree will harmoniously shine in sync on the façade of the Palazzo FENDI boutique, turning from red to pink to wasabi green. The same will also happen in the Paris Avenue Montaigne boutique, pervaded uniquely by the wasabi green colour which will also shine on the London New Bond Street façade and windows, creating a whimsical allure around the stores.

The play of lights on the façades will be possible thanks to custom-made, energy-efficient and energy-saving RGB LED lights bars, realized with the same led strip used for the Baguette trees.

FENDI Palazzo, pink

Following LVMH’s new measures in support of sustainability and energy-saving, the lighting of the façades and of the trees will be turned off after 10.00 pm, as well as the windows and inside the stores. Additionally, the lighting, and consequently the power usage, of the façades and of the trees will gradually decrease following the natural ambient light, resulting in a reduction in consumption yet with the same decorative effect.

The FENDI celebration will continue in Milan, with an exceptional takeover of Rinascente in Piazza del Duomo to mark the Baguette 25th anniversary and the arrival of the holiday season. For the occasion, the Maison collaborates with Rotterdam-based duo Odd Matter Studio – a cutting-edge design studio driven by curiosity for the strange and wonderful, believing in researching, probing, and exploring our world through its materials, processes and concepts – to create a special installation which will pervade with a magical fairytale atmosphere the gallery and windows of the department store.

Honoring FENDI’s heritage and savoir-faire, research and innovation meet artisanal production, where handcrafted zero-waste oriented techniques are combined with a sustainable material selection such as recyclable fiberglass fibers, pine wood and water-color based finishings. The extraordinary and glittering fixtures composing the installation are realized with fringes and hand-sculpted wooden structures, emphasized by a dazzling play of optical fiber lights in a festive red hue. The result is an immersive décor which recreates a modern fantasy forest in the famous portico and showcases, from which it will be possible to admire the Winter Capsule 2022 Collection and the Baguette 25 Years Re-Edition bags realized for the anniversary of the icon. Capturing the holiday magic, the takeover will also include a special video projection featuring a play of lights and shadows paying homage to the iconic FENDI Baguette bag and to the holiday season, which will be unveiled on the façade of Rinascente.

FENDI Palazzo, red

The celebratory atmosphere will also arrive in the exclusive ski destination of Courchevel, France, where shining trees made of wasabi green gift boxes, gold Baguette buckles and colourful versions of the iconic bag will be taking over a dedicated area at the Cheval Blanc luxury hotel.

Light-up the 2022 Holiday Season in the FENDI way!