Givenchy introduces the women’s TK-360+ sneaker by Matthew M. Williams

August 30, 2022

TK-360+ womens

Givenchy unveils the TK-360+ sneaker for women. Initially conceived as a men's sneaker for spring summer 2022, the shoe became an instant icon for Creative Director Matthew M. WIlliams' vision at Givenchy.

Described as an "exploration of form and function: its bold, custom-molded silhouette features a classic stretch knit upper that is fully integrated with the sole, making it possible to walk directly on the knit."

"Like the original, the TK-360+ is constructed in a single piece, fusing technical and visual innovation. Its distinctive shape now features dynamic, grid-like grooves, fresh colors, and contrasting accents of pink and violet that enhance the impression of forwarding movement. A unique tread motif ensures an exclusive footprint, while GIVENCHY lettering completes this avant-garde style.

Available in tonal versions (black and ultraviolet) or white, silver grey, or black with gradient gridwork, the TK-360+ offers a visually striking way to punctuate Givenchy looks, further consolidating Matthew M. Williams' directional vision for the House.

The Givenchy TK-360+ is now available in-store and online: