Holly Humberstone Announces Tour, Transcends Boundaries with Debut Album ‘Paint My Bedroom Black

October 17, 2023

In an era craving authentic voices, Holly Humberstone delivers by carving her unique path with her debut album, "Paint My Bedroom Black," released under Polydor. With it, she presents a compendium of soul-touching melodies and lyrical depth, affirming her place in the contemporary music scene.

Holly Humberstone, "Room Service" artwork

A Universe in an Album

"Paint My Bedroom Black" is more than a collection of songs; it's Humberstone's universe unfolding. Each track contributes to a vivid narrative, showcasing her evolution from singing at her parent's piano to becoming an emblematic figure in alternative pop.

The album, representing Holly’s personal and artistic growth, reflects her journey through its introspective lyrics and eclectic sounds. Songs like the title track resonate with listeners, offering a shared experience of liberation and rebirth through her compelling storytelling.

Holly Humberstone

Cinematic Visuals Accompany Musical Artistry

Adding a visual dimension to her sonic narrative, Holly releases the official video for "Into Your Room." The video invites fans into her world, continuing the story of her evolution with intimate portrayals and cinematic artistry. The synergy between the music and visuals deepens the audience's connection to Holly's journey, making "Into Your Room" not just a song, but an experience.

Critical Acclaim and Anticipation

Following her BBC Sound of 2021 recognition and BRIT Rising Star win in 2022, expectations were sky-high for Holly Humberstone's debut. She doesn't just meet these expectations; she surpasses them, proving her musical finesse through tracks like "Kissing In Swimming Pools" and "Superbloodmoon."

Her unapologetic storytelling, coupled with her sonic versatility, exhibits her ability to reach into the heart of human emotion, making her work relatable on a global scale.

Tour Announcement: Live the Experience

Complementing the album drop, Holly Humberstone announces a 20-date UK and European tour in Spring 2023, including a headline show at London’s renowned Eventim Apollo on 13 March 2024. The tour promises to bring the full force of her debut album to the stage, offering fans a chance to experience her music firsthand.

This series of live performances, highlighting her dynamic presence, are not just concerts. They are an invitation to witness Holly's musical narrative unfold, presenting her profound lyrics and haunting melodies in their purest form.

An Album, A Journey

"Paint My Bedroom Black" is not just Holly Humberstone's debut album; it's the listener's companion. It's a reflection of shared experiences, emotions, and stories that resonate deeply with the audience. Each song is a chapter in a coming-of-age tale, inviting listeners to grow alongside Holly.

As Holly Humberstone embarks on her tour, sharing her craft live across Europe, she doesn't just perform. She connects, validates, and journeys with her audience. In "Paint My Bedroom Black," listeners don't just hear the music; they live it.