Loewe Unveils SS24 Campaign: A Tale of Fashion and Performance with Jamie Dornan and Omar Apollo

January 13, 2024

Omar Apollo, clad in a shimmering blue outfit, appears to emerge from a circular void against a glittering pink and black backdrop, part of the LOEWE SS24 campaign.

Loewe's latest men's campaign for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a captivating exploration of performance and style. Photographed by the renowned David Sims, the campaign focuses on the gestural quality of the SS24 collection, transforming subtlety into bold statements and simplicity into complexity.

Jamie Dornan and Omar Apollo Take Center Stage

Omar Apollo in a vibrant, abstract knit sweater and shimmering denim, poised with a camera and the new Loewe Puzzle bag, encapsulates the artistic spirit on a stage of illuminated spheres. Photographed by David Sims for Loewe.
Jamie Dornan, as Loewe's Global Brand Ambassador, wears a textured leather jacket, meditatively holding a sparkling Loewe boot, under a roseate hue. The Spring/Summer 2024 campaign by David Sims captures the essence of luxury.

Golden-Globe nominated actor and Loewe's new Global Brand Ambassador, Jamie Dornan, alongside singer-songwriter Omar Apollo, are the protagonists of this visually arresting campaign. Each captured in mid-performance, Dornan exudes a pensive intensity, reminiscent of an audition or screen test. Apollo, in contrast, is seen performing on a circular stage, embodying the raw energy of a live performance.

Intimacy and Intensity in Detail

The campaign highlights the intimate emotions of conversation and the intense energy of performance. Dornan and Apollo are dressed in Loewe's latest, with leathers, knits, and glittery textures taking center stage. Accessories like the Screen sunglasses and the iconic Puzzle bags add layers to their characters, suggesting a narrative beyond the frame.

Still-Life As Performance

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Not just limited to the models, the still-life images of bags and shoes are presented as if caught in action, adding a dynamic element to the campaign. These pieces, depicted as collapsing, folding, or standing, complement the campaign's focus on life and the art of image-making.

The iconic Loewe Puzzle tote in olive green stands out against a backdrop of glowing orbs, resting on a glittering podium, symbolizing the intersection of innovative design and timeless beauty. Photographed by David Sims for Loewe.

About the Cast

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Jamie Dornan, now the LOEWE Global Brand Ambassador, is known for his roles in "Belfast," "The Fall," and the recent "A Haunting in Venice." Upcoming projects include Season 2 of "The Tourist" and "Heart of Stone" on Netflix.

Omar Apollo, a bilingual pop and R&B artist, has quickly risen to fame with his debut album "Ivory" and the critically acclaimed EP "Live For Me." He's celebrated for blending pop with the funk and soul of his upbringing. Stay tuned for more LOEWE updates and explore the collection on the official LOEWE website.