Louis Vuitton and Ballon d’Or® Unite: Luxury Meets Football’s Elite in Historic Trophy Trunk Collaboration

October 26, 2023

Louis Vuitton BALLON DOR 2023

In an unparalleled blend of luxury and sports, Louis Vuitton ascends to a prominent role in the world of international football. The luxury fashion house has officially become the Trophy Trunk Partner for the Ballon d’Or®, an accolade that recognizes the pinnacle of individual soccer talent.

From Canvas to Creation: The Meticulous Craftsmanship Behind Every Louis Vuitton Masterpiece.

A Partnership Forged in Excellence

On the 26th of October, 2023, in Paris, an announcement that marks a new era in the realm of sports and luxury was made. Louis Vuitton, in collaboration with France Football and with the backing of Amaury Media, will introduce two custom-crafted Trophy Trunks for the esteemed Ballon d’Or® awards. This partnership highlights the unison of two worlds: the athletic excellence embodied by the Ballon d’Or® winners and the artisanal craftsmanship synonymous with Louis Vuitton.

Unveiling Masterpieces of Craftsmanship

As the football world turns its eyes towards the upcoming Ballon d’Or® ceremony at the Théâtre de Chatelet, they will witness more than just the crowning of football royalty. The event, slated for October 30, will also be the grand unveiling of Louis Vuitton's specially designed Trophy Trunks.

These aren't just any trophy cases; they are a homage to the legacy of Louis Vuitton, covered in the Maison's iconic Monogram canvas. For the first time, the trunks will bear a golden “V” - symbolizing both “Victory” and “Vuitton” - harmonizing with the prestigious awards they hold. This detail marks a novel introduction in the history of Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunks.

Delicate Details: An Intimate Glimpse into the Making of Louis Vuitton's Trunk for Balloon d'Or.

Tradition Meets Innovation

True to Louis Vuitton's heritage, the trunks boast the classic lozine trim and enduring brass fixtures that have adorned the company's creations for over a century. Yet, within these symbols of travel and adventure lies a modern twist: a sleek interior lined with black microfiber and emblazoned with the Ballon d’Or® logo, reflecting the esteemed award's contemporary prestige.

Continuing a Legacy of Iconic Collaborations

Louis Vuitton's journey into the heart of competitive sports is not a new venture. The fashion giant has long been associated with crafting bespoke travel cases for some of the most iconic trophies in sports history. From the Rugby World Cup™ to the America's Cup, the Maison has traveled across various sports disciplines, entrenching its legacy deeply within celebratory moments of triumph.

This latest collaboration with the Ballon d’Or® cements Louis Vuitton's status in the annals of sporting history, proving once again that “Victory Travels in Vuitton.” As the world watches the best in football receive their accolades on stage, they will also witness a brand synonymous with artisanal excellence and luxury, embracing and elevating the spirit of sporting achievement.