Majorlilkween And Bali Baby Ignite NYC With ‘Gimme Sexy’ – A Fierce Ode To Empowerment

March 14, 2024

New York City's very own Majorlilkween is stirring the pot of the music scene with the launch of her music video "Gimme Sexy," featuring Bali Baby. This visual spectacle is a bold statement of empowerment, celebrating women in the lively streets of New York.

The video, a Major Production directed by the visionary duo of Modern Day Auteur & Alex Ljadov, is a narrative of strength, diversity, and the unabashed embracement of one's true self. Majorlilkween brings her background as a model and audacious performer to the forefront, offering an artistic intersection where style and music collide with purpose.

The music video, rich in explicit language and bold themes, exemplifies what Majorlilkween stands for—an artist unafraid to own the limelight, showcasing bold fashion statements and compelling performances. The visuals narrative boldly navigates the racy and provocative realms of empowerment, showcasing the energy of exotic dancers and nightlife, all while exploring the intricate power dynamics and sense of community within.

Alex Ljadov's metamorphosis into Majorlilkween is a tale of self-discovery, taking inspiration from fashion and cultural icons like Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears. She represents everything the artist isn't "allowed" to be; she is fearless, extravagant, and unapologetically herself. It’s a persona that breaks free from the norms, celebrating the unordinary and the bold.

In collaboration with Bali Baby, a trendsetter known for her unique rap style and versatility across genres, "Gimme Sexy" is set to make waves and encourage viewers to embrace their true selves. The unique synergy between the two artists adds an electrifying layer to the video, promoting unity and support among women.

Tune in and watch the music video here.
Imagery: ColinClassics