Pharrell Revitalizes Louis Vuitton’s Luxury Speedy Bag for 2024 Collection

January 4, 2024

Pharrell's Modern Legacy with Louis Vuitton

The 2024 Men’s Spring-Summer collection from Louis Vuitton ushers in a new chapter for the iconic Speedy bag, under the fresh and visionary leadership of Pharrell Williams. As Louis Vuitton's newly appointed Men's Creative Director, Pharrell infuses the collection with the innovative verve of NYC's Canal Street, marrying the maison's luxurious heritage with the pulsating rhythm of modern urbanity.

Speedy: A Symbol of Evolving Elegance

Originally introduced as the Express and later named the Speedy, this bag was designed for travelers of the 20th century, offering a chic solution for the era's new pace of life. Today, it's been transformed to suit the 2024 landscape — retaining its historic charm while adapting to the contemporary beat of the streets.

A Fresh Take on Time-Honored Craftsmanship

The 2024 re-envisioning of the Speedy bag features supple grained calfskin, allowing a relaxed silhouette that's perfect for the city dweller's versatile lifestyle. With a nod to its legacy, each bag is adorned with the traditional Monogram or Damier pattern, now presented in an array of bold, expressive colors that speak to the collection's theme of vibrant streetwear luxury.

While Pharrell Williams redefines luxury with the Speedy’s new look, he also introduces the pinnacle of opulence: a Million-Dollar Speedy Bag that melds Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship with the exclusivity of high-value materials, available by special order for top-tier clients.

As the new Speedy collection dazzles with its vibrant hues and softened silhouettes, Pharrell Williams reflected to GQ on the inspiration behind the Speedy redesign as he, ‘reimagined it as a Canal Street counterfeiter might, in primary colors, but on leather so soft it seems to melt when you hold it in your arm,’ highlighting the blend of streetwise edge and luxury.

From Champs-Élysées to Canal Street: The Speedy's Journey

Louis Vuitton's latest collection is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Speedy, symbolizing a journey from the historical avenues of Paris to the bustling streets of New York. Pharrell's debut is a statement of the classic and the contemporary, revealing the Speedy as a versatile companion for both travel and everyday sophistication.

Discover the New Era of Louis Vuitton with Pharrell

Explore the reimagined Speedy and the full men's collection that celebrates the blend of Louis Vuitton's rich heritage with the fresh, vibrant aesthetic introduced by Pharrell. The Spring-Summer 2024 collection marks a new direction for the brand, while still honoring the timeless elegance that is quintessentially Louis Vuitton.