SM Entertainment Announces Debut of Highly-Anticipated Boy Group “RIIZE” in September 2023

August 2, 2023


Powerhouse SM Entertainment unveils its latest creation - the highly-anticipated boy group RIIZE- exciting news awaits K-Pop fans. With their official Instagram account now live, fans get a glimpse of the seven exceptional members who will be making their debut together. Let's dive into the details of RIIZE and what sets them apart from the rest.


"Rise" + "Realize"

The name RIIZE speaks volumes about the group's aspirations and united spirit. Combining "rise" and "realize," the name embodies their journey toward growth and achievement. As they grow together, they aim to realize their dreams and profoundly impact the K-Pop industry.

Meet the Talented Members of RIIZE

RIIZE consists of seven immensely talented individuals, each bringing unique characteristics and strengths to the group. The members are SHOTARO, EUNSEOK, SUNGCHAN, WONBIN, SEUNGHAN, SOHEE, and ANTON. With exceptional talent and visual appeal, these members are ready to take the K-Pop world by storm.

Embarking on a Real-Time Odyssey

RIIZE's debut marks the beginning of a real-time odyssey, where they will share their growth and experiences with fans as they pursue their dreams. With the united goal of making history in the K-Pop industry, they are poised to captivate audiences with their passion, dedication, and commitment to their craft.

Distinctive 'Emotional Pop' Sound

One of the defining features of RIIZE is its distinctive 'emotional pop' sound. Their music aims to express a range of emotions, drawing inspiration from everyday experiences to evoke empathy from listeners worldwide. Their unique approach promises to resonate deeply with their fans, creating a solid connection between the group and their audience.

Continuing SM Entertainment's Legacy

As the newest rookie group from SM Entertainment, RIIZE follows in the footsteps of past successes like the future-forward girl group aespa and the boundary-pushing boy group NCT. With a history of global success, SM Entertainment continues its tradition of nurturing talent and shaping the future of the K-Pop industry.

The countdown has begun for the debut of RIIZE, SM Entertainment's latest sensation set to grace the K-Pop stage in September 2023. As they embark on their journey of growth and achievements, fans worldwide eagerly await their official debut, ready to embrace the rise of RIIZE in the K-Pop universe.