Top Fashion Trends That College Students Should Adopt

July 10, 2024

Fashion goes beyond clothes and accessories; it represents our personality and culture. From the runway to the street, fashion is a critical factor in expressing our identity and shapes the perception others have of us. Exploring fashion in college is even more fun since it is a period of self-discovery. During this period, you get to define and refine your fashion preferences, and the interaction with students from different cultures opens you up to what fashion means to other people and trends that you never knew existed. Looking good in college is about your appearance, confidence, and understanding of your individuality. So, let's review some of the top fashion trends students can hop on. 


Athleisure is the hallmark of comfortable outfits. The fusion of athletic and casual wear is the ideal combination that suits the busy college life. Athleisure has shown that you don't have to compromise on comfort to look nice. It is the perfect option for students juggling classes, going to the gym, and doing other daily activities. You can go about your day without switching outfits. Simple leggings paired with a denim top and sneakers can be the perfect look for a regular school day, and if you are going out later in the evening, you can switch the look up with heels to get a classy fit. 

The versatility in transitioning from class to a hangout or gym sets athleisure apart from other fashion trends. It allows one to save time – you would not need to go back to your room to change. So, if you've been struggling with managing time and have to rely on an essay writer UK to complete assignments on time, consider reducing the amount of time you spend dressing by embracing athleisure.

Monochrome Outfits 

Monochrome outfits are those in which the person wears clothes of one color or different shades of the same color. Such outfits are often appropriate for the days you don't want to dress up too much but, at the same time, don't want to look shabby either. For instance, wearing black from head to toe will give one a more polished and put-together look. The advantage of wearing monochrome outfits is that they are unsophisticated to coordinate, and one can create a highlighted or detailed look, depending on the individual. Here is how to get it right with a monochrome outfit:

• Use a variety of textures to give your look more depth. You can dress down with suede boots, a denim jacket, and a leather skirt. 

• Use various grey tones to create different dimensions. You can style a T-shirt, jeans, and shoes in various tones of grey. 

• Accessorise your monochrome look. 

• Layering pieces of the same color but different textures to create a sophisticated and cohesive fashion statement. 


Some things are known to remain good for years, like writers described in the RoyalWriter review. Those writers have been tried and tested, and for years, they have proven to deliver excellent papers. In fashion, Retro has remained timeless. The timeless charm of retro fashion is unmatched, and it has been trending among collegians, especially those who like to experiment with different styles. There is a plethora of retro outfits that you can try out, from oversized blazers with shoulder pads to flared pants, neon colors, sequins, and dungarees. Retro fashion makes an outstanding fashion statement and is fun and nostalgic. Some of the retro looks you can try include the following:

• Oversized everything from loose trousers to baggy sweaters and blazers.

• 90s revival – bringing back every '90s fashion trend, from chokers to platform shoes and slip dresses. 

• Bold patterns and vibrant colors.

• Layering with different pieces such as turtle necks under a dress or shirts under sweaters. 

• Graphic T-shirts and hoodies. 

Chunky Footwear 

Shoes often complete the look; thus, they can break or make your outfit. Chunky footwear is a retro style that has joined the latest fashion trends. Aside from elevating your look, they also offer comfort, making it easy to move around campus the whole day. From chunky sneakers to platform boots, the options you can incorporate into your daily look to make a fashion statementare endless. You can achieve different looks with your chunky shoes, including a chic look, boho, or grunge look. The best ways to style your chunky footwear include:

• Pairing your chunky shoes with more fitting clothes to balance the bulkiness. 

• Wearing pants and skirts that hit above the knee to draw more attention to the shoes. 

• Wearing different textures, including leather and denim, to add depth to your outfit. 

Chunky shoes are a bold fashion statement; therefore, you should be confident and comfortable to pull off the look effortlessly. 

Casual Chic 

The casual-chic style is ideal for the dynamic college life, as it combines comfort and elegance. It is the perfect style for students who want to look put together without compromising comfort. The primary advantage of chic wear is that you can go from a class presentation to a casual hangout with friends without needing an outfit change. The hallmark of chic wear is a nice fitting jeans or pants, then you can pair it up with a sweatshirt, blouse, or T-shirt, then layer it up with a trench coat, baggy sweater, or fitting blazer, depending on the weather. Incorporating chic wear into your wardrobe shows how many-sided your fashion sense is and will make you stand out in college. You should invest in the following to create a chic wear look:

• Stylish and comfortable shoes such as ballet flats, loafers, and sneakers.

• Clothes with neutral colors.

• Minimalistic accessories.

• Quality basics such as fitting jeans, classic t-shirts, and fitting turtleneck sweaters.


Fashion plays a vital role in college life as a means of self-expression. With your wardrobe, you can express your boldness, aspirations, and affiliations. Making fashion statements not only makes you recognizable as the most fashionable around campus, but you will also feel good about yourself, which is a plus for your confidence. Fashion is dynamic and ever-changing; therefore, you need to update your knowledge with the different fashion trends to keep your wardrobe on course.